About ImagininGUATEmala

ImagininGuatemala is a Non-Profit Organization headquartered in beautiful and historic Antigua, Guatemala. The organization is dedicated to bettering the lives of the less-fortunate in Guatemala.


ImagininGuatemala has identified three areas for improvement for the marginalized in Guatemala: Safe and Affordable Housing, Food and Nutrition Needs, and Education.

To that end, ImagininGuatemala works with Service Teams, Sponsors, and Donors to provide for the Underprivileged:

1) Housing that is safe, weather resistant and sustainable.

2) Works to bring much needed food and water to communities and areas where access to nutritious food and clean water are scarce.

3) Provides educational assistance to children and their families including tuition, uniforms, and other supplies necessary

4) Assist with medical and dental needs for children in need.

The Staff of ImagininGUATEmala

Brought together by a common desire to improve the lives of their neighbors, the staff of ImagininGuatemala have decades of experience in non-profit organizations, and know the needs of the people of the area, being native Guatemalans themselves.

​Ediliser Hernandez: Edy is the President of ImagininGuatemala and coordinates the Donations Department. Edy brings a wealth of building experience to the team, having worked first as a mason and then as a construction director for over 100 groups who have traveled to Guatemala to build homes. Edy is married and has two children.

​Mario V. Tesen: Mario is the Accountant of ImagininGuatemala. Mario is working towards a law degree, but taking classes on off time allows him to work full time at ImagininGUATEmala. Mario's duties includes budgeting, forecasting and accounting. In addition, he and Edy work together to plan for the building materials, site preparation and logistical support needed.

Our Sister Organization, The Guatemala Project

The Guatemala Project is the United States-based 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to providing resources necessary for ImagininGuatemala to do the work necessary to provide for those most in need. The Guatemala Project not only works to raise funds, but also seeks to find other resources, the most important being recruiting service groups from across the United States to partner with ImagininGuatemala. Please visit the Guatemala Project at www.TheGuatemalaProject.org.

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