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In Guatemala, we call these “Padrinos”, or Godparents. Be a Padrino or Padrina for someone who lives miles away, but who will quickly be in your heart. By sponsoring a child, your financial support directly goes toward bettering the life of the child and the family.

A few things that the money is used for:

  • Necessities for school - Including tuition, books, uniforms, and all other supplies necessary for attendance and quality participation.

  • Food - Many times the children are undernourished as their family may live on less than two dollars per day. The money may be used for buying staple food items such as rice and flour.

  • Clothing - A child grows quickly, and as such they need bigger clothes often.

  • Medical visits - To ensure good health, your sponsorship will be used for medical needs such as checkups and the doctor and dentist, as well as vision and hearing screening.

  • Miscellanous Needs - Because the ImagininGuatemala staff visits with the families monthly, they know what the child or the family may need. Your financial support allows the staff to respond quickly to those changing needs. 


Some photos of the sponsorships at work in the lives of the children and their families:

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