Imagine Being on a Service Team... 

Hand-laying brick, mixing concrete, painting wallboard, installing a door and window, laying a roof and all to build a home in just four days. Then, at the end of it all, handing the keys to a family, that for the first time, has the basics for a safe, secure, and dry home in which to live, play, and raise their children.

Arriving in an impoverished neighborhood to prepare, cook, and serve a delicious and nutritious meal as a hundred hungry, barefoot children and their families show up, for what may be their first hot meal in days.

Pulling through the gates, stepping out of the vehicle, and finding dozens of eager children wide-eyed and ready to play with you. Your goal? To play soccer, color a picture, or just sit quietly with a child and give them your full attention. You will provide a snack, which they gobble down. Whether it is playing ball, riding swings, or just holding the little ones, your afternoon is filled with joy as you see the light you bring to these little faces.

Boarding a bus and traveling through the hills and valleys to arrive at what has to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Then, taking a boat across to the ancient town of Santiago and exploring a church built in the mid-16th century, or visit the world famous markets of Chichicastenago. End the night by salsa dancing to a great band in one of the local restaurants.

Staying with a Guatemalan family, talking about your day as you practice your Español and enjoy a delicious meal of pollo, arroz y frijoles (chicken, rice and beans). Following your meal you meet your team to head to downtown Antigua to get a delicious snack or desert, or go hear a traditional band in the evening.

Imagine all this and more. Imagine creating real differences, not only in the lives of those you help in Guatemala, but in your own life as well, as you stretch yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. This journey is one that you will not forget.

Imagine. Imagine Guatemala. ImagininGuatemala!

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