Why ImagininGUATEmala???

**Experience~ The staff of ImagininGuatemala has decades of combined experience working with service teams in helping poor families and children in Guatemala. They are professional, dependable and committed to assuring that your experience in Guatemala will exceed your expectations.


**Flexibility~ Your trip to Guatemala will be meticulously structured to meet the specific needs and desires of your group.  Your experience in Guatemala will include lessons in Guatemalan and Mayan history, exposure to Guatemalan food, culture and traditions and a wonderful  immersion that will have you feeling more like a native than a tourist.


**Connection to the REAL Guatemala~  Your trip will help your travelers to understand the issues of poverty and allow them to work to make a significant difference in the lives of  Guatemalan families. Our service teams quickly find themselves falling in love with the people with whom they work.  Whether it’s the little eight year old boy who helps with the hammering or the bright-eyed girl looking for a ‘Dora” t-shirt at a Clothing Distribution, you will have a “boots on the ground” experience.  This isn’t about viewing the scene from the windows of the bus. This is about being “ALL IN”.


**Outstanding Leadership~  The ImagininGuatemala Team understands Guatemala, but more importantly they understand the young men and women who come to Guatemala from the US & Europe to work on a service team.  Entering a third-world country can be  challenging and most of our service team workers have never mixed cement, squared a board or dug a trench.  Yet, within the first day, your travelers will feel like they are making a genuine contribution to the build.  Friendships happen with ease and while you come as strangers, you will leave as friends.


**The Journey~ Yes, you will build a house.  Yes, you will play with children at a daycare or orphanage.  Yes, you will serve a hot bowl of soup to families who live and work in a poor neighborhood. But more importantly, you will discover a new strength within yourself. Margaret Mead said,  “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”  The ImagininGuatemala experience begins and ends with reflection.  Initially it is about leaving all your troubles at home, and opening your hearts to the Guatemalans.  In the end, it’s about leaving your heart in Guatemala and seeing the world with a new perspective.


 **Communication~ ImagininGuatemala uses all the technology for communication; Facebook, Skype, texting, email.  As you plan your trip you will have great and predictable responses to your questions.  Once there, the team will add their photos daily to Facebook, so the families of your travelers can watch the adventure from afar.  When you leave, each traveler will receive a DVD of all the photos taken as a wonderful memory.

It’s true.  There are many poor people in Guatemala, and many service groups coming to their aid.  It can be a hard decision to try and find the best fit. ImagininGuatemala would like to share their experience with your service team.  It will be a life changing opportunity!

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